Don’t loose your Mind!


Once upon a time and a time to think
Whatever you want, walk in the feet
Everyday i woke up and i’m take my coffee.
today is a big day to the pay off!

So you got me say “ohh ohh”
You got me say “Yeah Yeah”
Everybody say ” Wow wow”
Wow Wow
And blind me to the sun

Walking off the earth when i loose my mind.
It’a PERFECT TIME to change your LIFE!
Pick a one choice and make a lot of mess
And raise on shine with our grace

And i don’t know what you do to me
But i know what i do for u
Becaus’ i’m hero in the black flag
and u r little thing crashed in the egg!

That’s it! The Story start right now
Where i live my life across the universe
In this Crazy mega Shit World
But the question is:

” WTF u still here talking nothing with in the air?! Your shit’s bag in the anyonelse!”

Black friday!