A Few Wor(L)ds

utopia2.pngI’m living an alternate reality, nothing makes more sense than my own feeling of emptiness, I feel that every time almost close to the truth, I move away from the changing reality. Why do people make these choices? Because the human being can not be human?

Sometimes I listen to the future. Maybe I ask what would happen at the end of life. I don’t know, I feel like the world is comin’ to ending, being sucked into the illusion of a good life, a life focused on money and money an’ money. What’s the meaning of life if you do not live?
Worth dying for something dead? Or live for something vibrant?

What is the meaning of all this? I’m going crazy? Or maybe it’s that coffee with a little sugar… One day u’ll understand why i made this choice, why I spared u from suffering, one day u’ll see. We make every madness out of love.  And love sets you free. I’ll return to the machine, maybe I’ll figure something out today, maybe…

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