The another History


After last night’s party, weeping and waiting for dawn, sunrise things happened, with some explanation with some explanation. Sometimes I ask him to go away, i don’t know, maybe could be the wind throught my face maybe not, it’s a simple question that i was never known.

One day, I wake up and just start to think abou’ life, abou’ my life’s decisions and u know what?! I was so wrong, so blind that I could’nt see my life was just going into my eyes, and I began to realize that it was time to be awake. And the change start now!

So I left all my worries behind, I stopped thinking abou’ what might be good for me and I began to live what’s good for me … I closed any pages in my life .. and open other. I made choices that I do not regret, despite the sacrifice I’m not worried about the award, I only want to live now … today .. the best way possible .. and live well every day of my life. I thought my “fate”, and try to keep it that way.


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